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Yamaha RX V679 Reviews – Is It Worth The Money?

by Robert
Yamaha RX V679

Despite being top-rated and scoring high at every level, previous models of Yamaha RX V679 have always had a “but” or an “if”, whether it was the price or the lack of some highly expected features. Sure, both the V675 and V677 units were good and outperformed the competition, but small details kept them away from the first spot.

Based on a series of Yamaha RX V679 reviews, the Japanese manufacturer has decided to change all these minuses and come up with something that can successfully top the market. But then, just like any other company, Yamaha claims its unit is the best on the market. As I have tested it myself, I would be lying if I claimed I did not have any disappointments.

So, what should you know about it?

Features to top the segment

Previous models have topped the market on multiple aspects, but altogether, they were taken over by the competition. This one comes as an improvement. I have tested both the V675 and the V677 and I must say the V679 features a bigger and more spacious sound. The quality is so much higher that it becomes the first thing you notice.

Not only that, but the sound is also engaging and balanced – watch an action movie and it feels like you are right there, in the middle of the action. As for dialogues, they are crisp clear. You could swear they are right there next to you.

Who Yamaha RX V679 is for

Honestly, I believe this is among the higher end products out there. I would not buy it if I was not a tech freak. At the same time, if you have a quality home cinema system, you will need a proper receiver too. Simply match quality standards for every other piece of equipment.

On another hand, if you barely watch a movie once a week and you might as well watch it on your laptop with the built in speakers, you do not really need an AV receiver.

Yamaha RX-V679 Review

Why Yamaha RX V679 matches most buyers’ needs

So, what do you look for in an AV receiver? You want as many inputs as possible, right? You want enough for whatever you have around, but also some extra for future technologies. You can leave yourself in good hands with Yamaha then.

Then, you want a top-notch quality. At this point, most Yamaha RX V679 reviews agree that it feels a bit tough to beat this product.

Like I said in the beginning, I was a bit disappointed with the fact that Yamaha still has not integrated Dolby Atmos, yet the high quality sound can compensate for it to a certain point.

Technical specs

Now, what kind of features does Yamaha plan to use in order to dominate the segment?

Sound quality

To me, an intense action movie blockbuster will give me all the details I need. I tried a couple of movies with my friends and the amp feels like it throws itself inside the movie. Every punch is taken and redelivered to you with a solid impact and a great feeling. Glass shattering? I cannot imagine a clearer sound than this one.

Whether it comes to a busy scene or a quiet dialogue, the sound is crisp and neat.

Setup and configuration

The setup is quite intuitive – the proprietary YPAO calibration system will take care of everything for you. You can also enable YPAO Volume features during the setup, but I kept it off for less interferences with the original sound.

Other than that, you got a 7.2 channel amp with 90W for each channel. You have six HDMI inputs – five at the back and one at the front, as well as a single output. This is a minus if you want to get a second screen. But other than that, there are no issues.

Inputs and capabilities

All the HDMI inputs are 2.0a. Basically, they can take HDR content (yay!), not to mention 4K content – 60fps only, not more. Three of these inputs are also rated as HDCP 2.2. The configuration aims to add compatibility with 4K Blu-Ray players and other similar technologies.

When it comes to 4K content, you can count on the 4:4:4 signal for the video as well. In other words, colors will be faultless.

Interface and package

The interface is straightforward, but it will take you a few minutes to get used to it if this is your first AV receiver. Get the controller app as well (free of charge), yet you also have a remote-controlled.

You can connect the unit to the Internet wirelessly and stream music through various portals. Bluetooth is available too.

Final words

In conclusion, it is no surprise why you can find so many Yamaha RX V679 reviews out there. While not perfect, I find this AV receiver to have all the features you need. I would say it is future proof and can successfully handle one’s needs for many years.

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