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Vizio E43U-D2 Review – When Value For Money Becomes A Priority

by Robert
Vizio E43U-D2

Vizio represents a low-cost alternative to big brands like Sony or Samsung. To lots of people, a Vizio TV is pretty much the same TV sold by big brands, only it lacks all those bells and whistles that no one really needs – yet, they would be cool to have. At the same time, it is said you often pay for the name, rather than the actual quality.

My Vizio E43U-D2 review targets an entry-level TV with all the must-have features, as well as a few extras that will make it stand out in the crowd. When it comes to watching TV, it does pretty much what every other big-brand set does, only it costs less.

But here comes the big question – is the quality directly proportional to the price? Will it face the test of time?

Who Vizio E43U-D2 is for

Vizio E43U-D2 is for the average TV viewer – mixed everyday uses and gamers. Whether you watch TV for movies or news, have a small home cinema in your house or play games on a regular basis, I think this TV set will make you happy.

On the other hand, if you are the type who wants the latest hype in technology and dreams of all the bells and whistles that may come with it, this TV is not for you. The same rule applies if you are avid about small details, such as a perfect viewing angle or the highest FPS rating out there. This TV can and will deliver quality, but it will not have all those fancy features that most people will not even need after all.

VIZIO - 43 Class

What makes Vizio E43U-D2 stand out

There are no doubts about it – cost efficiency is what triggered it for me. This TV provides the best image quality on the market in this segment. Local dimming is responsible for it. It can compete against high-end TVs, but it also dominates every other unit in this range.

On the other hand, I liked the Google Cast system. Built in, the system provides more applications than other smart TVs – I am talking about smart TVs coming from big brands. Apart from more apps, it also comes with more frequent updates.

It does have a few flaws – small and insignificant, indeed. But overall, pros are stunning and this TV has given me the best value for money.

Features and specifications

So, moving on with my Vizio E43U-D2 review, what kind of features define this system?

Style and design

Although nicer designed that the previous model, the style is still classic and it cannot compete against high end TVs. Fortunately, it is no longer blocky and bulky. It is slightly thicker than others, but sleek and good looking. The back is smoothly curved. As for the stand, it comes with two feet that look quite interesting due to a patterned design based on holes.

Image quality

Picture quality is in the top part of this segment. The 3340:1 contrast is great and black is actually dark. Performance of Blu-Ray or DVD movies is smooth. In my opinion, the lack of HDR content support is what puts this TV in the entry level range. Otherwise, it would definitely be higher.

Local dimming is a plus. Native colors are great, but you can still calibrate it through a smartphone or a tablet. As for the viewing angle, the image degrades when you get too much on one side or another. I would recommend 65 degrees or more for a perfect image.


You have enough inputs for a quality experience – four HDMI, two USB and one Ethernet. All inputs are conveniently located on the left side – easy to use even if the TV is mounted against a wall.

The input law is low, yet video game performance might be blurry in fast scenes.

Smart capabilities

The E43U-D2 model is based on SmartCast, which is quite similar to ChromeCast. Casting services require a tablet. The P Series from Vizio used to come with a tablet. But for this one, you will have to use your own.

There are no built in tuners, so cables and antennas cannot be connected. However, a separate tuner will make it happen.

The system is ad free. A remote controller is also included in the package.


The sound quality is quite good for a TV and can compete against higher end models. I was not too impressed with the bass response, but I was not expecting anything too unusual either. Just like for any other thin TV, speakers are alright, but you might need a proper speaker bar for a home cinema.

Final words

Bottom line, I hope my Vizio E43U-D2 review will clear it out for you. The set is excellent for 95% of all people, especially given the great value for money.

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