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Sony STR DN1060 Reviews – Main Things To Know Before Buying It

by Robert
Sony STR DN1060

Sony has always been a top player on the budget AV receiver market. However, its competition has been just as harsh. Whether you count Onkyo, Marantz or other names, they have always put up a good game against the Japanese manufacturer. Given the plethora of Sony STR DN1060 reviews out there, one might think that Sony has finally managed to pull it off.

Sony has tried to push the segment a bit further by adding to quality standards and reliability. Did it actually succeed to do so? In my review, I will break down the popular AV receiver’s parts to help you understand whether or not this is the right choice for you.

Believe it or not, I was quite surprised as well the first time I got it on my hands. Now, what should you know before making a decision?

What to look for when buying AV receivers

Always – I insist, always – check the number of connections. There are never too many of them. More is better. Think about all the stuff that is coming. You will end up with plenty of new devices to hook up. This is what the future looks like and you definitely want to be there.

Now, the AV receiver should work with current TVs, future TVs and all kinds of video devices. Look for 4K capabilities, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Do not overlook HDR formats either.

As for the number of channels, there are no maximum channels. You need two but go for at least five. For a proper home cinema experience, I would never go under seven, to be honest.

7.2-channel home theater receiver

What makes Sony STR DN1060 a good choice

Cost efficiency is the reason for all those Sony STR DN1060 reviews you see everywhere. You get a fully-featured unit at a good price. It is more expensive than other units, but it has way more features. It is well worth the money.

Second, I was impressed by the sound quality. Room calibration was flawless. The sound is literally amazing. Dialogues are crisp and the sound is clean and clear. You will feel like in a proper cinema.

Plus, let me add – the often overlooked remote controller is so easy to use. It is one of those things that satisfy you as you use them.

Who Sony STR DN1060 is for

I have a home cinema in my basement, so this is why I need an AV receiver. No matter where you have your home cinema, if you want to enjoy a quality movie on a regular basis and feel like in a proper cinema, an AV receiver is a must.

If you are happy watching a movie on your laptop and having the built-in speakers do the “magic” for you, be my guest. But if you want a thorough experience, the receiver is a must.

Technical specifications

Now, what should you expect from Sony STR DN1060?

Sound quality

Sound effects are crisp in movies and games, while dialogue was just as clear. An explosion feels heavy. A punch feels painful. Everything feels more realistic – you have a sense of space and dimension. Dynamics? No comment – you get what you would normally have in high end receivers.

The bass needs some calibration, but once you are done, you will enjoy a direct experience. There are no bells and whistles and if I think about it, you do not even need them.

Build and inputs

The design is classic – a good looking sleek black box under your TV. The 7.2 channel receiver brings in six HDMI inputs (five at the back and one at the front) and two outputs. You also have a classic USB port, not to mention the Ethernet connectivity.

Wireless connectivity is also possible via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. While there is no Dolby Atmos support, the receiver works flawlessly with DTS and Dolby. You can have it play different speakers in different rooms at different volumes. You can also watch HDR and 4K content. Do not overlook application control or FM radio either.

What is included

So, what do you have in the package? Once I removed the ugly polystyrene inserts, I found the two main things I needed. Apart from the receiver, you have a remote controller and a microphone. The microphone is useful for room calibration – you will probably never touch it again though. The process is straightforward.

As for the remote controller, I know no one pays attention to these things, but it is surprisingly good. The design is perfect – it feels like it was created for your hand. You will press buttons without even looking after a few hours.

Final words

Bottom line, I think I know why there are so many Sony STR DN1060 reviews everywhere. This model dominates this segment. It is in the top middle range and features elements that you can only find in high end models – great value for money.​

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