SanDisk Clip Jam Review – Welcome Back, MP3 Players!

SanDisk Clip Jam

To lots of people, MP3 players are all about yesterday. Today, most people stream music through their smartphones. However, there are situations when you need to preserve battery on a long trip or perhaps you simply want a separate device for your music. Besides, I hate finding a place for my smartphone while I run or go to the gym, so an MP3 player for such activities is perfect.

The good news is the drop in popularity means lower prices. From this point of view, my SanDisk Clip Jam review will introduce you to a simple, yet innovative MP3 player that can work wonders. Not only is it cheap, but it is also small, features a microSD card slot for more memory and has features that Apple iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle do not have.

What else should you know before buying it?

Who SanDisk Clip Jam is for

Personally, while I do have a smartphone with lots of music, I find it difficult to keep an eye on it in the gym. There are no pockets in my gym equipment and I keep forgetting it next to one machine or another. The MP3 player clips on and is lightweight, so it will never bug me.

Other than that, there are times when I travel by train and I do not have a charger. Playing music for seven hours continuously will drain some of my smartphone battery – usually when I need it the most. Whether I need the satnav when I reach my destination or I want to take pictures, I need the battery. For such situations, SanDisk Clip Jam is just perfect.

SanDisk Clip Jam review

What makes SanDisk Clip Jam such a good choice

When you think MP3 player, you think Apple iPod Nano or Shuffle. They are trendier, but a few times more expensive than SanDisk Clip Jam. It might be a bit bigger, but it is still lightweight, compact and easy to take everywhere.

Other than that, SanDisk Clip Jam has something that no iPod has ever dreamed about – the microSD memory slot. In other words, you can boost its memory from 8GB to 64GB – much more than Nano (16GB) or Shuffle (2GB).

I am no longer storing tracks on it, but full albums… And I still got plenty of space left.

Best of all, forget about iTunes to transfer music. Do it the easy way – drag and drop.

Technical features

Moving on with my SanDisk Clip Jam review, what should you know in terms of tech specs?

Style and design

The MP3 player is small and compact. You can clip it onto your T shirt – it weighs less than an ounce. It can even go on a collar or your glasses. It has a budget price, so do not expect any fancy materials. The case is made of plastic, while the matte coating makes it prone to scratches.

Let me add that it is not waterproof. Therefore, when you sweat like a pig in the gym, make sure it is not exposed. Since it is so lightweight, pay attention to it or you might drop it in the washing machine with your sweaty shirt.


The setup is straightforward and intuitive. Grab some songs on your computer, hook the MP3 player in with the micro USB cable in the package and you are ready to go. Forget about looking through that box of old cables trying to find something suitable.

You can organize music in folders for a better organization. After all, you have 8GB of memory. I have tried both 32GB and 64GB microSD cards and they work – quite a good deal for such a small player.

Sound quality

I loved the fact that you are not limited to MP3 files only. Instead, you can take WMA, WAV, ACC or DRM files too. The sound? Amazing! Honestly, for this small device, the sound leaves no room for mistakes. Sure, you also have a powerful equalizer – go to the settings to access it. There are no distortions at all.

I was a bit worried about radio because these features do not always sound good. They are usually distorted, but not with SanDisk Clip Jam. There is one issue though – no AM radio.


I never count on what manufacturers claim – all those “up to” statements under certain conditions and all that. They say it lasts 10 hours and you are lucky to go for seven. So… I fully load a device and try it out to determine the battery life myself.

The battery will last for around 20 hours. It is quite a long time to go on without worrying about charging it – plus, it preserves the smartphone battery. A full charge from scratch takes about three hours.

Final words

In the end, I hope my SanDisk Clip Jam review can help you out. The MP3 player is simplistic, but it has what you need – great audio quality, long battery life and less than an ounce in weight. All these for like no money. What else can you ask for?

Phaiser BHS-790 Review – Earbuds With Memory Foam Tips Taken To A New Level

Phaiser BHS-790

While earbuds represent a common choice for lots of people because they are efficient at canceling noise, there are also plenty of users who would rather stick to classic headphones. If your ear canal is small, earbuds can be a bit inconvenient and cause small inflammation and painful sensations.

Phaiser aims to change this issue by developing smaller earbuds that will never put pressure on your ears. Whether it comes to the gym, running or just playing music on a plane, my Phaiser BHS-790 review will help you understand whether or not this model is suitable for you.

Who Phaiser BHS-790 earbuds are suitable for

I have always found earbuds to be more efficient than other types when you are on the move. Besides, your outfit cannot always take a large headset, unless you are sporty or casual. Unfortunately, my ear canals are quite small, so classic earbuds have always represented a problem. One hour in my ears and I would experience lots of pressure and pain.

Phaiser BHS-790 is excellent for those with smaller ear canals. In my opinion, they make a great choice for most women, as well as lots of men who face the same problems.

Given the lack of wires, they are excellent for gyms, running sessions or just playing music on a bus without dealing with a tangling wire.

Phaiser Bluetooth Headphones

What to look for in earbuds

Not sure how to find the perfect earbuds? A perfect fit is a must to avoid discomfort. If you have tried other earbuds before and you felt uncomfortable, I recommend a smaller fit. Also, avoid plastic, but stick to rubber or foam.

Specifications are not to be overlooked either, whether you count the impedance, frequency response or drivers. You do not have to go too much into small details if you need these earbuds for the gym or running.

Type and specialization are just as important. If you want earbuds for physical activities, opt for something that is sweat resistant or waterproof. After all, you will sweat and your inner ears will be in a closed environment with the earbuds on. Bluetooth connectivity is also essential to prevent wires from interfering with your workouts. Luckily, Phaiser BHS-790 has all these.

What makes Phaiser BHS-790 earbuds so special

Drivers in these small headphones are flawless, so the sound quality will impress you. I also liked the way they are built. Materials mold to your ears with no pressure at all, leading to a perfect sound isolation. Besides, the Bluetooth connection allows switching from music to calls whenever someone looks for you.

Technical specifications and features

Now, what should you know in terms of small details and specifications?

Style and design

No Phaiser BHS-790 review will ever blame the efficient design of these earbuds. The anti dropping tips will hold them inside your ears during intense workouts, but you can also use an under ear fit if it feels more comfortable.

The set is available in five different colors and features a lifetime sweatproof guarantee. As for the tips, they are made of memory foam, which means they adapt to the shape of your ear canal. What can be more comfortable than that?

I liked the fact that Phaiser offers more than any other company in this field. The package comes with the earbuds, a carrying case, three differently sized pairs of tips, a set of memory foam tips, six pairs of attachments, a couple of cable management tips, collar clips and the cable. Plus, you have a manual.

Quality and performance

Sound quality will not disappoint. While other products from Phaiser have a deeper bass, this one features a consistent and punchy result. Mids are extremely clear, yet the highs might get a bit distorted. You will like the treble, which is stable and feels good.

The set works with Bluetooth 5.0 as well. It is compatible with all smartphones, including iPhone 7 or newer.

Noise isolation is given by the nano coating technology, which stops the sound from leaking out. If you use the set continuously at a maximum volume, the battery will last for around five hours. I play it at a lower volume for a bit more lifetime. I drained it and it took around 100 minutes to fully recharge.

The microphone is quite good at separating your voice from noise around you.

Phaiser BHS-750 Bluetooth Earbuds

Final words

As a short final conclusion, these are not the classic headphones you buy for less than a takeaway coffee in an airport. This set will not last you a month or two, but years if taken care of. My Phaiser BHS-790 review is based on a personal experience. The set is great for everyday uses, but even better for gym and running activities. Not only is it comfy and convenient, but sound quality is also superior to no name headphones.