Vizio M50-D1 Review – A Different Way To Watch TV

Vizio M50-D1

Out on the market for a new television set? You might be familiar with top manufacturers, as well as low budget names. Just because you want something in the middle, it does not mean that you can ditch entry level companies – exactly! You would be surprised.

Vizio is probably known for its entry level TVs – basic features, good quality standards, and decent prices. However, the past few years have shown us that Vizio can also play along with the big boys. In fact, the M and the P series can easily go above the average bargain collection.

I was just as surprised when I got my first Vizio TV. In fact, this Vizio M50-D1 review will help you understand why picture quality and performance will beat anyone in this range – including big names like Sony or Samsung. The entry-level market has just become competitive and interesting…

VIZIO SmartCast™ M-Series 50

The catch with Vizio M50-D1

Alright, so I was out there looking for a new TV. This one has the feature and image quality of a high end unit, but it costs three times less. I knew Vizio was an entry level company, so how come they managed to provide all those without increasing the price?

The TV works with a tablet only. Nothing to worry about – the Android tablet is included in the price. It is essential for streaming application access, as well as all kinds of settings. While it is different, it is still similar to a big screen operation. It feels a bit unusual at first, but it is worth the savings.

Also, it has no tuner, so you cannot come up with an antenna. To watch TV, I had to get a third party tuner box. But then again, it feels a bit less convenient, but you save lots of money, so it is worth it.

Who Vizio M50-D1 is for

If you have a smartphone or a tablet, you will get along with this set. You will figure out how it works immediately. Basically, this set is for everyone who wants to save money without compromising quality – everyone who is familiar with how touchscreen devices work.

On the other hand, I would never buy one of these for my grandmother. She can barely operate a classic remote controller and she has no idea what half the functions do. Having her run stuff through a tablet would make the TV unusable.

Vizio M50-D1 over other M series screens

There are more screens released in this M series – 55, 60, 65, 70 and 80. Apart from the screen size and the type, there are no differences. One exception though – M60-D1 comes with an IPS panel. Other than that, it is mostly a personal preference of screen size, which will also reflect on the price.

Features and specifications

So, what else can you expect from this unusual screen?

4K content

You may run into an older Vizio M50-D1 review claiming on the lack of access to 4K content – 2015 and older models though. The 2016 releases feature HEVC and VP9 4K access. In other words, your high definition content access has been increased.

Other than that, one of the reasons why I chose this TV was the implementation of HDR10 and Dolby Vision. I could get HDS content from Amazon Prime and Netflix – some of my main priorities when getting a new TV.


Alright, so, at a first glance, it looks like the tablet is responsible for all controls. I like a classic remote controller – I want to change the channel, turn the volume up or down without taking my eyes off the screen. Sure, you get used to it, but still. The tablet comes with Vizio’s application preinstalled.

Luckily, Vizio also includes a small remote controller for basic functions – volume, input, aspect ratio and a few others. Let me add that you can also invest in a quality universal controller – Vizio is compatible with plenty of solid brands.


When most 4K TVs come with a quad core processor, Vizio has implemented an octa core processor on its M and P series – extra speed, lots of power and no freezing. Besides, such a processor will work with native 4K content with no issues at all.

LED backlighting

Vizio has also focused on full array LED backlighting. Now, I have tried a few high end TVs from other manufacturers and Vizio’s technology is not as robust, but it is clearly impressive, especially as the price is significantly lower. Moreover, the technology comes with local dimming.

Final words

In the end, I hope my Vizio M50-D1 review has made it clear for you. To keep it simple, Vizio has brought in many features and technologies you would only find in high end TVs – all these while keeping prices low and reducing the convenience a bit. Is it worth? I say it is, but it is up to you to set your priorities.

Vizio M Series 4K Reviews – Wait A Second Before You Go Shopping

Vizio M Series 4K Review

There are lots of Vizio M Series 4K reviews out there and I am not surprised. There are more TVs in this series and they mostly differ by the screen size. Generally speaking, they are rated as average, but to be honest with you, their wide range of uses and high-quality standards put them in the above-average segment.

What makes this TV so popular is the fact that it can boost some high-end features without altering the price. Sure, just like any other TV in this segment, it does have a few flaws, but they are insignificant to the average user.

I found some interesting surprises as I “test drove” one of these babies, especially since I had the previous model as well and I had a good starting point. So, what should you know before spending your money?

What makes the Vizio M Series 4K stand out

The Vizio M Series 4K reviews impressed me with its inputs. It was one of the things that make it superior to its competition. It can play pretty much any type of content – HDR as well. The input lag is extremely low, whether you watch HDR or SDR content – two times less than the previous model.

The set can easily take 4K content at 60Hz at 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 color. It makes no difference what port you use – just make sure you turn the full UHD color setting on. When compared to previous models, new releases also come with tuners.

Vizio M Series 4K

Who should buy the Vizio M Series 4K

I find the Vizio M Series 4K set suitable for the average viewer. Whether you spend 10 hours a day watching TV shows and the news or you only do it before you go to sleep, this TV is excellent. It is just as handy for a small home cinema system.

Who is it not for then? Well, those picky users who want perfection will not be happy. It cannot come up with saturated HDR highlights. Image can also degrade when you go to a wide or sharp angle. You can watch it from one side, but being at 55 degrees or less will make colors fade. It is more than enough to have a couch and a few armchairs full of people to watch it though.

Technical features

Now, what exactly should you expect in terms of technical features?

Design and style

The TV feels sturdy when you put it on. It is thin and sleek. It is not curved – a plus for those who dislike this style. I loved the stand – different from what we are used to. There are two V’s on each side. As for its metallic borders, they provide a more luxurious look.

Cable management has not been sorted by Vizio yet, so it is your responsibility. But on a positive note, inputs are located right by the side. They are easily accessible.

Picture quality

Picture quality has not disappointed me. The contrast ratio 4598:1 is great, so the black feels deep and dark, even in light conditions. At the same time, the color accuracy will surprise you for a middle range TV.

You have a good brightness level and can easily avoid glaring problems. Therefore, the TV is good for both bright and dark rooms. Viewing angles are, indeed, a bit limited, but you can still have 10 people watching it at the same time from the right distance.

Motion and response time

Motion handling is good, while the response time is 5.6 milliseconds at 80%. It can compete against high end TVs too – little to no motion blur. In order to dim, the backlight relies on PWM. If you are worried about flicker, you should know there is a bit. However, most people will not notice it.

Even if you cannot see it, the backlight will work on it and reduce it. Motion will be more fluent.


Sound quality will not stand out in the crowd, but it will not disappoint you either. You can get the TV quite loud – great for rooms and large living rooms. It is not the best option for busy business environments though. The bass is not impressive, but there. The distortion is low and dialogs are clean.

I recommend a sound bar – well, I already had one for my previous TV, so there was no difference. Sure, this is a good choice if you are a sound freak or you want an immersing home cinema experience – most people will get along with the native system.

Final words

In conclusion, it is no surprise why you have so many Vizio M Series 4K reviews out there. The TV is an excellent middle range option. It has a few insignificant flaws, as well as some features that are more common in high end TVs. For mixed usage, it is a perfect option.

Vizio E43U-D2 Review – When Value For Money Becomes A Priority

Vizio E43U-D2

Vizio represents a low-cost alternative to big brands like Sony or Samsung. To lots of people, a Vizio TV is pretty much the same TV sold by big brands, only it lacks all those bells and whistles that no one really needs – yet, they would be cool to have. At the same time, it is said you often pay for the name, rather than the actual quality.

My Vizio E43U-D2 review targets an entry-level TV with all the must-have features, as well as a few extras that will make it stand out in the crowd. When it comes to watching TV, it does pretty much what every other big-brand set does, only it costs less.

But here comes the big question – is the quality directly proportional to the price? Will it face the test of time?

Who Vizio E43U-D2 is for

Vizio E43U-D2 is for the average TV viewer – mixed everyday uses and gamers. Whether you watch TV for movies or news, have a small home cinema in your house or play games on a regular basis, I think this TV set will make you happy.

On the other hand, if you are the type who wants the latest hype in technology and dreams of all the bells and whistles that may come with it, this TV is not for you. The same rule applies if you are avid about small details, such as a perfect viewing angle or the highest FPS rating out there. This TV can and will deliver quality, but it will not have all those fancy features that most people will not even need after all.

VIZIO - 43 Class

What makes Vizio E43U-D2 stand out

There are no doubts about it – cost efficiency is what triggered it for me. This TV provides the best image quality on the market in this segment. Local dimming is responsible for it. It can compete against high-end TVs, but it also dominates every other unit in this range.

On the other hand, I liked the Google Cast system. Built in, the system provides more applications than other smart TVs – I am talking about smart TVs coming from big brands. Apart from more apps, it also comes with more frequent updates.

It does have a few flaws – small and insignificant, indeed. But overall, pros are stunning and this TV has given me the best value for money.

Features and specifications

So, moving on with my Vizio E43U-D2 review, what kind of features define this system?

Style and design

Although nicer designed that the previous model, the style is still classic and it cannot compete against high end TVs. Fortunately, it is no longer blocky and bulky. It is slightly thicker than others, but sleek and good looking. The back is smoothly curved. As for the stand, it comes with two feet that look quite interesting due to a patterned design based on holes.

Image quality

Picture quality is in the top part of this segment. The 3340:1 contrast is great and black is actually dark. Performance of Blu-Ray or DVD movies is smooth. In my opinion, the lack of HDR content support is what puts this TV in the entry level range. Otherwise, it would definitely be higher.

Local dimming is a plus. Native colors are great, but you can still calibrate it through a smartphone or a tablet. As for the viewing angle, the image degrades when you get too much on one side or another. I would recommend 65 degrees or more for a perfect image.


You have enough inputs for a quality experience – four HDMI, two USB and one Ethernet. All inputs are conveniently located on the left side – easy to use even if the TV is mounted against a wall.

The input law is low, yet video game performance might be blurry in fast scenes.

Smart capabilities

The E43U-D2 model is based on SmartCast, which is quite similar to ChromeCast. Casting services require a tablet. The P Series from Vizio used to come with a tablet. But for this one, you will have to use your own.

There are no built in tuners, so cables and antennas cannot be connected. However, a separate tuner will make it happen.

The system is ad free. A remote controller is also included in the package.


The sound quality is quite good for a TV and can compete against higher end models. I was not too impressed with the bass response, but I was not expecting anything too unusual either. Just like for any other thin TV, speakers are alright, but you might need a proper speaker bar for a home cinema.

Final words

Bottom line, I hope my Vizio E43U-D2 review will clear it out for you. The set is excellent for 95% of all people, especially given the great value for money.