Golden Throne

The Golden Throne is an interactive experience that raises awareness about the effects of the“American Dream” in the contemporary individual. It points towards the aspects that surround the idealization of personal and professional realization in western society; economic wealth, prosperity, success and hard work while submitting the user to a stressful interaction.

There are two moments. In the first moment, the users have a body language which represents the hardworking that causes him or her stress anxiety and disturbance, in that way the chair is able to interpret and read the body language of the users that affects the growth of the balloon. At the same time, the growth of the balloon causes more anxiety and stress. In the second moment, if the user is restful, it directly affects the body language, which makes the users step back and in that way the balloon deflates. So, The Golden Chair is a metaphor for the idea of the American Dream. When the balloon pops, the illusion of the American Dream is dissolved and makes people more aware of the negative consequences of the ultimate dream.

The proximity receives an input from the user’s posture. It sends the data to the Arduino microcontroller, which at the same time triggers an air pump that inflates and deflates the balloon over the user’s head.