2015 Parsons Exhibition New York

2015 Parsons Exhibition New York


2017 June, Wearable Fashion Tech Festival, Gaité Lyrique Museum, Paris, FR

2017 January, Bodyhacking Con, Put Together: Bdyhx Fashion Show, Austin, TX

2016 Premiere Vision NY, New York, NY

2016 Fashion Innovation Alliance, Fashion+Tech Showcase, Washington, DC

2016 The THF Institute, Nature, Technology & Self Exhibition, New York, NY

2016 Digi.logue, Istanbul, Turkey

2016 SXSW, SXSTYLE Wearable Technology and Functional Garments Exhibition,  Austin, TX

2015 Premiere Vision NY, New York, NY

2015 Interlaced, FashionTech Runway Show, London, UK

2015 ISWC, Design Exhibition, Osaka, Japan

2015 The New School, Designing Multiplicity Exhibition, New York, NY

2015 The New School,  SXSW Interactive Exhibition, New York, NY

2014 Engadget Expand Wearable Runway Show, New York, NY

2014 NYC Media Lab, Future Interfaces, New York, NY

2014 NYC Media Lab, Annual Summit, New York, NY


2016 NYC Media Lab, IOT Media Mash, Wearable Technology, New York, NY - Talk

2016 The New School, Fashion & Women in Tech, New York, NY - Panel

2016 Digi.logue, Istanbul, Turkey - Lecture

2015 SXSW Interactive, Austin, TX- Talk


2016 Unilever, Artist in Residence, New York, NY

2015 ISWC Design Exhibition, Winner "Best Wearable Technology Design in Fiber Arts", Osaka, Japan