Connected Bottles

Interactive smart ice cubes and rings were developed for the Connected Bottles Project integrating the concept of IoT into the liquor industry by introducing peripheral technology to connect bottles to computing devices such as smartphones.

The project consisted of four phases: research, ideation, integration and conclusion which is the implementation phase. The first phase, we did a detailed market research regarding prior product developments and started brainstorming comprehensive scenarios regarding the industry and consumer needs. On the second phase, we presented these scenarios and started designing the design/tech diagrams for the selected idea of smart bottle ring and ice cubes. On the third phase, we finalized the concept and began the technology development to create prototypes. On the final phase, we executed the final prototypes (smart ice cubes and the ring) with custom electronics for the Connected Bottles Project.

How does the ecosystem work?

It consists of a smart bottle ring and guest ice cubes. The ring which has a custom hardware can provide the data of how many drinks each person pours, how far the bottle is from each color coded cubes, how much of each bottle is consumed at a party, and approximate volume left in each bottle. Also, the user can choose his/her specific ice cube color during the experience.

Whenever user pours drinks, the bottle ring turns to that color or most active cube shares their color with other cubes and if the cube is out of network starts fading out. Also, the app has a 'find my drink' option. The app can also monitor the temperature of the drink.