CalmHood is an augmented hood, which allows the wearer to have an instant wearable personal space. 

CalmHood was made by two designers who live in New York, one of the most stressful environments in the world. They come face to face with many challenges in our everyday life and there is no easy way to relax and have a moment for ourselves. That made them think, what if there was an outfit that could be our personal space and help us relax anytime we want; before an important job interview, during finals or walking on the street with a huge crowd of people around you. 

It has two major features of this outfit; one analog and one digital. The first one is using the EFT tapping points to make the user relax at any given time. The user should simply pull a string on the dress to activate the pressure coming from 3D printed tapping spheres to certain tapping points on the body. The second one is a hand made, paper engineered hood that allows the user to have a personal space. The digital part of the hood is a light sensor activated music player, which starts to play when there is not enough light. Which means, whenever the user puts up the hood, some relaxing music will start to play. We used tiny circuits for the interface.